Halloween Word Grid

Up to no Vision Morning K
Resident D Mare Neccessary
Men in Feel Eye Magic
Friday Tie affair Club In the

Night: mare, vision, club, k
Good: morning, up to no, feel, Friday
Evil: D, resident, neccessary, eye
Black: Men in, Magic, in the, tie affair

Creativity: Associated Word Grid Game
A lot of articles have been written extolling the benefits of lateral thinking or brain enhancing exercises.
Here are some examples of some exercises that may demand "thinking out of the box" or searching for
the odd connection of neurons. Here is how this associated word grid works. On the blackboard draw one
of the following grids.
Your students should be broken down into teams. Explain to your students that there are four categories
and that each of those categories has four of the words in the grid. Each team will get a point for naming an
additional word in a category that is known or unknown at that time. Here is how it works in detail. Each
member of a team will postulate a propose a word. Then, a second teammate will select a second. If the two
words are in the same category their team gains a point. If not the next team is up. So it is possible if you
listen closely to obtain all the words in a category by random.
At any time after they have added a word, the team may identify the category for three points.
However if they are wrong their turn ends
When all four words are identified the team must identify the connection among the words or pass their turn
to the next group in line. When all the teams have had their chance and fail the category is disclosed.

Usually there is a single word that can connect all of the words in a category.
Here is an example: turn, 2, tube, & nit

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