Inventor's Quiz
 See if you can identify the correct inventor. Some of the answers may surprise you.

1. Who invented the radio long before the others?
A. Nikola Tesla
B. Thomas Alva Edison
C. George Westinghouse
D. Guglielmo Marconi
2. Who received the first American patent for the sewing machine?
A . Isaac Merritt Singer
B. Joseph Jacquard
C. George Michael Pfaff
D. Elias Howe
Ailerons were developed by?
A. Wilber Wright
B. Alexander Graham Bell
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. Clément Ader
also invented by Esnault-Pelterie
Built predecessors to both RFID tags and music synthesizers
A. Lee De Forest
B. Michael Faraday
C. Leon Theremin
D. Lewis Latimer
Which of these Presidents was issued a patent?
A. John F. Kennedy
B. Woodrow Wilson
C. Abraham Lincoln
D. Teddy Roosevelt
Who invented an electric vacuum cleaner from a fan, box, and pillowcase?
A. James Murray Spangler
B. James Dyson
C. J. Edgar_Hoover
D. D. W. Griffith
According to Bill Bryson the Telegraph was invented by?
A. Samuel Morse
B. Joseph Henry
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Wilhelm Eduard Weber
Who replaced lead shielding with paraffin and discovered that this "slowed down" neutrons?
A. Albert Einstein
B. J. Robert Oppenheimer
C. Freeman Dyson
D. Enrico Fermi
Xerography, the first dry photocopying technique, was developed in his kitchen by A. Edwin H. Land
B. Chester Carlson
C. George Eastman
D. William Hewlett
The inventor of dynamite?
A. Alfred_Nobel
B. Hiram Stevens Maxim
C. Winston Churchill
D. Henri Braconnot

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Believe it or not:
Western Union was offered the telephone but refused to buy saying that it had no commercial properties.
Samuel Morse believed that slavery was devinely inspired.

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