Answers to the Liars Quiz

1.  Liar's poker is played
C  with eight digit serial numbers on US dollars usually obtained from a bar. Players  bluff  as to how much  they have.

2. When some one is telling the Truth about an event they usually

B look up
as if they are trying to remember details when lying on the other hand
there is a tendency to look down as if ashamed of what they are saying

3. Choose the word that is not a synonym for liar
what would a quiz about lying be without dishonesty
all of the resposes are synonyms for liars
A. prevaricator
B. dissimulator
C. fibber
D. dishonest
E. perjurer
F. all of the of the above

4. According to the BBC's TheOneShow to spot the liar it is better to

B listen carefully to how the person is talking, note hesitations or when people stumble over their words.

5. When a smile is genuine.
C The eyes crease up and the eyebrows dip slightly

6. When people are lying they:

C tend not to move their hands or gesture awkwardly
D wobble or move as if to run away

7. According to "Is the truth too hot to handle?" from the Sunday Times, the people who tend to lie the most are
A really beautiful
Strangely, the prettier or more hadsome the more lies they tend to tell.

8. Robert Feldman, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts asked his students to record their conversations and then count how many times they lied. The frequency that his students told untruths while talking was one
B approximately one for every three minutes

9. Best way to defrock a good liar is
A  listen to their voice for stress
good liars will boldly look at you they need to gauge your reactions

10. Easily identifying mendacity is

B is an evolutionary drawback and the proof is that so many people do this poorly
at least that's the theory some people say that even if you tell the truth people will opt for the nicer story.

11. Dr Sean Spence, of Sheffield University, used brain scans to identify what happens inside our heads when we decide to fib.
He discovered that
C  both are true
telling a lie uses the same areas of the prefrontal cortex
lying ties up enormous resources of the brain
So better lying needs bigger brains

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