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Since almost the beginning of time people have dreamed of
when to use:                                
every, each, any, & all
Some common words that seem especially difficult for English learners especially in oral presentations.
Check out the definitions here below and then take the following test.
(More than one answer can be correct.)
Every:  each and all of the members of a group taken into account individually and without exception Each: a singular unit: the smallest quantitative item in a grouping
Any: one or some or every or all without specification All: one or some or every or all without specification, includes the entire group

Choose the most common response (this will test your ear for English):

1.  _________ time I hear "if you are going to San Francisco" by Scot t McKenzie   I feel very nostalgic.
A. every B. each C. any D. all 

2. What's more, I can listen to it ______time I want.
A. every B. each C. any  D. all 

3.  With the internet I can choose almost _____ song I want.
A.  every B. each C. any   D. all 

4. If I like the Cars, just about ________ their albums are available somewhere.
A.  every B. each C. any   D. all 

5.  In their second year ____ of my students has a topic to explore..
A.  every B. each C. any D. all 

6.  I am not sure that I like ______ one of the subjects they choose but before they had to go to the library for a book.
A. every B. each C. any  all

7. Nowadays, almost _____ media formats are available from pdfs to videos even video games.
A. every B. each   C. any D. all

8.  It is not hard to find sites or files that provide/contain just about ______ you want.
A. every things  B. each thing  C. any thing  all thing

9. But not _________  download is safe or even true. Some contain viruses and others are completely bogus.
A. every B. each C. any D. all  

10. Do you think that this is a good thing for us ______?
A. every B. each C. any  all


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