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This website is dedicated to the simple idea that everyone should be able to contribute to Science. It is an old concept that fell out of vogue in the 20th century. Today there are millions of scientists working at all sorts of laboratories and with precise instruments. Much of their work is on the web. Anyone can access it. The trick with search engines and the Internet is not in finding the correct answers but using these tools to formulate or find questions that have no answer... yet.

Science Quizzes
Building a collection of interactive tests and webquests that can surprise and inform most science lovers is quite a tall order.
Still, a challenge that is difficult is usually more fun. Most of these quizzes are constructed as cognitive artifacts.
Embedded in the pages in the form of hyperlinks are hints or even the answers themselves, plus lots of links that go off in
tangents. I am sorry that this site is a bit spotty, I would love to cover all of science here, but this does take several lifetimes.
General Science Questions ten intriguing questions on current concepts in science today.
Unresolved Scientific Questions Take a look at these mysteries of Science
and formulate your own theory. You can not do any worse then current concepts;-))
Material Science:
Chemical Elements Quiz      Questions on the properties of the some of the elements. Answer key.
Chemical and Physical Properties of Water    Here are some questions on the unique properties of water. Answer key.
Anomalous Water Quiz More on that common yet least understood liquid  Answer key
Forging the Dragon's Bane a dungeons and dragons perspective on material science vocabulary.
Material Science Vocabulary some very common everyday words used to describe materials.
Material Science Grid Game a fun and brain enhancing look at the connections between words.

Cosmetics for Geeks

a set of quizzes that explores cosmetic industry from a chemical perspective.
Lipstick Quiz
Skincare Quiz Just what is in those creams anyway? Answer key.

Human Microbiota A short quiz on the symbiotic relation between indigenous microbes and our bodies
Poisonous Animals  Webquest asks the thought provoking question:
Do any animals produce their own toxins or do they exist in symbiosis with bacteria that do it for them?
The Tetrodotoxin Webquest can take a classroom into the varied world of poisonous animals that employ
bacteria to provide them with the powerful neurotoxin: Tetrodotoxin.

The Mind

The Liar's Quiz everyone lies (even scientists). Be sure to go to the professor's answer key and take the BBC's smile quiz.
The Sex Quiz for Dummies the science on the differences between men and women.


Fortified with Iron quiz Could all the diseases of civilization have just one cause: Iron ?
Infectious Chronic Inflammatory Diseases   Few people realize that Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes are classified as inflammatory
nor that at least in many cases that they are infectious in origin.
Infectious Chronic Inflammatory Disease Answer Key 

Coming soon:  Four Faces of Diabetes
for a preview you can take a look at Four Faces of Diabetes Powerpoint
Medical Breakthroughs an information dense visual cognitive aid. . There are discussion questions on the teacher's notes page.

I am working on a medical vocabulary game & you can use some of the components like the charade cards:
printable Medcards ICU  deck
Interactive Medcards ICU deck

Sahara Irrigation Mega-Engineering Project This webquest is all about exploring the possibilities inherent in irrigating the Sahara desert.


Building a Renaissance Search Engine may be a few years away. However, in the meantime you may use:
The Cybernautilus  This webpage opens a series of windows in both scientific and mundane search engines. In effect with one query you have may trails to follow. It is a little confusing at first.
The Advanced Webpage Workshop Most of the techniques used on these webpages are explained here.
Basic Gimp Vocabulary to illustrate those pages you going to have to have an image editor ... why not try an open source portable app?

Trivial Google Skills is a set of tasks that may or may not be solved with one click from Google.
Search the web for information is crucial to getting a general or overall view of Science. Ergo, any
improvement in search techniques is welcome.

The ThermiNet or virtual theremin is for all you scifi musicians created by some of my students a few years ago.
See other musical instruments on the net.

Science or Natural Philosophy Articles
Unlike many specialist journals, the only prerequisite here is that the concepts be broadly based.

By Christopher YUKNA:
Canadian Fishing at the Grand Banks, Zebra Mussels, and Iron's Effect on Plankton
PDF version
an example of plausible connections

Perhaps an explanation to why Canadian fishing has not recovered in the Grand Banks and maybe why it collapsed in the first place.
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