Sahara Irrigation Mega-Engineering Project

This webquest is all about exploring the possibilities inherent in irrigating the Sahara desert. First students will discuss what aspect
are entailed with a project this colossal. Each student, or pair of students will spend some time researching on the web
 part of the project. Then they will make a 5 minute oral presentation to the class. When everyone has finished there will be
a debate on how to accomplish this endeavor as well as the advantages, drawbacks and projected consequences of this project.
biotic pump
The biotic pump: Who first proposed this theory? How does it work? What do other scientists think about it? Do forests grow where it rains or does it rain thanks to forests?
reclamation techniques
Desert reclamation techniques
Currently what are we doing to reduce deserts.Can the processes of desertification be reversed? Controling sand dunes, adding oil, spreding seeds etc.
man-made River
The Great Man Made River project. Who, where, what, and why? Could we pump water from the Congo North?
Geographical overview: Who, Where and What will be affected? What is the extent of this desert? Climate map, etc.
Cedars of Lebanon explain the biological and historical properties of this tree. Empires from the Phoenician for their ships to the British for their railroads have made extensive use of this tree.
Give a guided tour of a water desalination plant. How do they work? Where are they used?
How expensive are they? Could they change a climate? Are there drawbacks?
How does Soil Geology change in forests, deserts etc. Hydrology, rhizomes etc We use soil for many things but do not consider  its slow formation and possible rapid loss.
ascension island
Artificial rain or cloud forest created on Ascension Island with the support of Charles Darwin. What is the extent of this rainforest and how many people now live on the island? etc.
Does Sheep and Goat farming equal ecological disaster?

Consider: the history of Rapa Nui or Australia. Does any alien invader cause havoc to an ecosystem? Could the Sahara itself be an artifact of agriculture?
The Politics of North Africa

There seems to exist already water wars in this region with
The western Sahara with Polisario Front & SADR  to the Sudan. The Arab spring has proven that nothing is simple in this region of the world.
Desert Ecology
What are the chemical and biological aspects of a desert biome? how do they compare to forests and prairies?
What did the Sahara look like six to ten thousand years ago.

Climate changed the face of North Africa quite recently. What did this land look like in the past? What does the timeline look like? Where and what civilizations existed then?

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