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In 1915,  lipstick in push up tubes was invented by Maurice Levy while working for Scovill Manufacturing Company in Connecticut. One of the early problems was that these lipsticks...
A. turned rancid
B. lost their color
C. were indelible

2. Ancient Egyptians used to color their lips with some of the following pigments. Which one was poisonous?
A. Henna (plant)
B. Fucus (seaweed)
C. Cinnabar (mineral ore)

3. To give them shape Lipsticks often use:
A. Titanium Oxide
B. Cocoa Butter
C. Beeswax
D. Sheep's Wool

4. Early lipsticks were often colored with carmine, a red dye extracted from
A. Ferocactus pilosus (Mexican Lime Cactus)
B. Female beetles of the family Cochineal
C. Sarcoscypha coccinea or scarlet cup fungus
D. Coal Tar  i.e. Red Dye #40

5.  Dyes and pigments are substances that confer color to a material. The recently, the word colorant is used for either.
True or False: Pigments are dissolved in solvents and Dyes are insoluble.
A. True
B. False
C. Neither is correct

6. Chemical dyes for lipsticks are usually made from fluorescein which is normally
A. Pink
B. Yellow
C. Red
D. Purple

7.   Lip gloss tends to be less rigid than traditional lipsticks and is sold in pots. Adding microspheres can make a lip gloss
A. feel less greasy
B. shine more
C. less likely to dry out
D. stick better to the skin

8. Various dyes extracted from all sorts of plants, animals, minerals and even fungi exist but FDA approval limits their use to only a few. To get around this impasse, the cosmetic industry has developed a versatile palette of  _________  pigments.
A. multishade
B. extruded
C. subliminal
D. reflective
E. interference

9. Little known fact: pearlized lipsticks, those having a pearly luster, generally use what chemical to achieve this effect?
A. nitric oxide
B. boron nitride
C. potassium permanganate
D. ammonium_nitrate
E. hydrogen sulfide

10.  Long lasting lipsticks generally contain:
A. bromine
B. paraffin
C. silicone oil
D. lanolin

Bonus question: true or false matt lipsticks have more pigment and wax, lip gloss more oil.

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