This page is to help you to design fun interactive pages without too much boring technical stuff. The idea is to give you some rudiments of programming and computer languages without pain and suffering. Welcome to the first step on your path to becoming a Webwizard. Of secondary importance is to make you aware of the many free or open source resources available to the amateur web designer. For example this page was first written in the WYSIWYG editor composer from the SeaMonkey suite from Mozzilla. Many modifications were then accomplished with the HTML Kit.a free, full-featured, customizable, multi-purpose editor.
Finally, I will try to make these special effects work on as many browsers as possible. At present this means working both on IE and Firefox if possible. In that same vein as often as possible open source formats will be used such as png for images or oog instead of mp3. Recently, have discovered portable apps and use either kompozer or for sophisticated work Notepad++
Chris Yukna

You should have a basic idea of how to write a webpage in  html from scratch. If you are from my school then you are having or have recently completed a TP on the internet. If not, quite a while ago Joe Burns wrote several simple lessons at HTMLgoodies. Things have gotten more complicated since then and Joe is no longer writing at this site but the germ of his primer still exists .I suggest you try to hand write a page. Honestly, it helps later on.
If you reqlly are a glutton for punishment you can look at html4 provided by the
I expect that you have mastered tables and colors right?

Web Resources
Now there are lots of great tools to help you design your pages and a nice one to have is a color wheel. For those of you who wish to color coordinate your pages there is the color schemer.
I find that a metadata generator saves a bit of time as well.

Magic Techniques

So you would like to put an icon in the url of of your page? This is a fun, subtle, yet professional touch to add to your webpage. The next time you are at google notice the blue g that precedes the url of google or the red yfor yahoo. If you look at the top of this page in front of the webpage address (url) you will see a tiny icon as well.

Calling a function, forms, radio buttons etc. This is a quick intro to using javascript on a webpage. Changing the font color, buttons, text fields and other mysteries. Real easy to do.

How about an image flip? The oldie but goldie of all the hand made web pages. You will call a function to change the img src of a photo with a simple mouseover.

Putting mouseover sound on a page that works firefox. This tutorial explain how you can use web resources to put sounds or voices on your page and even have a virtual sound studio.

Caption your page with overLIB :a JavaScript library created to enhance websites with small popup information boxes (like tooltips) to help visitors around your website.  Cool & flexible and has an active developer community to boot! Here are some neat features you can use.

One sign of your wizardness is to travel with a usb key with which you can launch program apps without installing them on hard drives. With so much space on flash drives you can be a true digital aborigine with just gigabytes of memory. Many if not all of the software mentioned on these pages can be found at portablefreeware for flash memory apps. Very impressive magic for the uninitiated

So you have made a wonderful page and plan on a whole website to follow. How do you make this appear in search engines? There is no science but the art of SEO or search engine optimization can be learned by playing with:
Kahula webtools ( yes that is a photo of my daugther)and
reading the corresponding Service Manual
finally, you might add a link to your page when you are finished to the Wiki associated with this page.
you'll need to ask me for the password