Medical "Breakthroughs" Quiz
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1. Which of this drinks was first marketed as a cure for morphine addiction?

A. Coffee
B. Pepsi
C. CocaCola
D. Green Tea

instriment 2. Which of these tools was developed then kept in secret for a century by a family of doctors?

A . Stethoscope
B.  Hemostat
C . Obstetric forceps
D.  Scalpels, or lancets
nurses 3.WWI nurses used this material in operating theaters and improvised pads as sanitary napkins.
A. Kleenex
B. Tampon
C. Ace or elastic bandage
D. Surgical sponge
louis pasteur 4.This device was use by Louis Pasteur to demonstrate that fermentation is caused by the growth of micro-organisms (biogenesis), and not spontaneous generation.
A. Right & left crystals
B. Pasteur pipettes
C. Swan neck duct
D. Trepanning device
rys 5. This medication, used to relieve minor aches and pains, may have contributed to the influenza pan epidemic of 1919.
A .Paracetamol
B. Aspirin
C. Ibuprofen
D. Acenocoumarol
pie chart 6.Who invented thepie chart used by companies and managers all over the world?

A. Clara Barton
B. Betty Crocker
C. Aunt Jemima
D. Florence Nightingale
7. This person dramatically reduced patient mortality from childbed fever by simplely requiring physicians to wash their hands before treating women in childbirth.
A. Ignaz_Semmelweis
B. Robert Koch
C. Sir Ronald Ross
D. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
8. He invented and took the first medical X-Ray

A. Ernest Rutherford
B. Heinrich Hertz
C. Wilhelm R�ntgen
D. James Clerk Maxwell
9. This scanner uses a probe with one or more acoustic transducers to send pulses into a material to produce medical images..
D. Ultrasound
10. Willem Einthoven, using the string galvanometer that he invented, measured the heartbeat and from his work sprang the_____________ machines that we use today.
A. Kidney Dialysis
C. Defibrillator

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