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A gruffalo? why don't you know?

1. A Gruffalo has a poisonous  _________ on the end of his nose.
A. button B. wart C. pimple D. spot
      2. Owl lives in a ________                                                                              
A. Tree B. Beach C. Branch  D. Leaf 
3.  The story begins with a mother squirrel carring a __________        
A.  Flower B. Peach C. Spoon   D. Nut
4.The mouse took a stroll in the deep dark wood.
The _____ saw the mouse and the mouse looked good

A.  Snake B. Owl C. Fox   D. Squirrel
5.  Owl invites Mouse to _______
A.  Lunch B. Tea C. Dinner D. Soup
6.  But Mouse tells Owl that the Gruffalo has Knobbly _________
A. Feet B. Hands C. Eyes Knees
7. While walking through some water Mouse meets some __________.                    
A. Frogs B. Cats   C. Logs D. Dogs
8.  Mouse meets Snake who invites him to his log pile house for a ________
A. movie  B. party  C. feast dance
9. But Mouse convinces Snake that a Gruffalo's _____________ is black
A. Tongue B. Mouth C. Tooth D. Languish
10. Mouse made the Gruffallo come very close to hear that Mouse"s favorite food was Gruffalo _______________.
A. Ice Cream B. Toast C. Tart  Crumble


  Christopher Yukna

Professor of English 
Ecole des Mines 
158 cours Fauriel