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Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Questions 

from chapter one 



1. The professor's hair is described as shaggy, the opposite of which is:
A. messy B. kempt C. ragged D. uncombed E. unshaven

2. "There's sure to be a row" is closest in meaning to.
A. ruckus or fussB. sequence or series C. paddle or oar D.    agreement or peace E. lines or columns

3. Susan is pretty happy that there is a wireless ... what is it?

A. telegraph B. idiot box C. radio D. walkie talkie E. telephone

4. Which of these words means "a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone"
A. fumble B. rumble C. tumble D. grumble E. mumble

5. Mothballs were found in front of the
A. library B. room hung with green C. spare bedroom D. dining room E. wardrobe

6. At the end of the first day which of the following pretended not to be tired
A. Lucy B. Edmund C. Susan D. Mrs Macready E. Peter

7. The children found many spare bedrooms in the professor's house. The closest word in meaning to spare in this context is:
A. splendid B. sparse C. extravagant D. modest E. extra

8. On the door of the famous wardrobe there was a or an:
A. looking glass B. ornamental carving  C. creepy knob D. Grecian urn E. odd portrait

9. The faun that Lucy meets has all of the following except:.
A. goat's hoofs B. two antlers in his forehead C. curly hair D. small pointed beard E. brown paper parcels

10. The sound pitter patter is made by
A. owls B. badgers C. fingers D. doors E. feet

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