Answers to Basic Gimp Vocabulary

1.Students like to use GIMP and other Image Manipulation Programs to copy drawings, images, and photos and  _________ them to together to form collages or mosaics. (The famous CTRL + C &  CTRL + V or Shift CTRL+E)
A. brighten   B. blur   C. paste   D. Layer E.  Flip

2. With computers there is always two or more ways to accomplish the same thing. Here is the problem, you want to print the "Indian Girl" on the right so that it correctly fits onto a piece of paper. (i.e. covers most of the sheet.) Therefore you:
A. Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise.
D. When printing select properties and choose landscape

3. Tracing the contours of an object in a photograph can be a lot of fun. Once you have the photo opened in Gimp you have to create a new raster ____________. Then, begin tracing the outlines that you want. Finally when you utilize CTRL + C, only the traces you have made will be captured. The resulting sketch can either be further modified like colored in or left
"as is".
D. Layer

4. When you want to turn a picture upside down or stand it on its head then use the function
E. Flip

5.  The photo on the left is over exposed and too dark, which makes it very hard to see anything clearly. It  needs to be:
A. Brightened

6. This gimp function is quite useful, it makes images less distinct or sharp
B. Blur
7. This one floodfill is called a bucket flood fill and will
D. completely colors in any preselected area.

8. color picker This is the color picker and can
C. choose a color from a pixel on an image

9. The eraser tool eraser is used to
B. remove any color to the original background

10.  Another option  blend  or blend tool
A. fills in a selected area with a graded  mix of two colors (gradient)

Bonus question: What does Threshold, Jitter, or Hue mean? (Choose One)

Threshold: starting point for a new state, doorway, or an area marking a boundary
as to gimp itself from
GIMP - Anti-Aliased Threshold Tutorial
The threshold plug-in works by dividing the image into two parts, dark and light, producing a 2 color image

: small irregular or nervous movements
as to gimp itself from
GIMP 2.4 review and screenshot by =Griatch-art
"The Jitter essentially randmizes your brush strokes. Low jitter will make your lines just look a little uneven,
as if you drew them with a real pen. Much jitter will look like a splatter brush."

Hue:  shade of a color; tint; dye; C=character; aspect, or take on color
Hue is also one of the three dimensions in some colorspaces along with saturation, and lightness